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Meet Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD

Director of Robotic Assisted Knee Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital

Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD is an American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery certified surgeon and was Fellowship trained at the University of Pennsylvania in Joint Reconstruction of the knee and hip. Dr. Buechel is an expert in Mako Robotic Partial & Total Knee Replacement and is the founder of the Robotic Joint Center in New York City and Taipei Postal Hospital in Taiwan.

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What makes a doctor a knee specialist?

Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD is one of the leading orthopaedic surgeons and knee specialists in New York City. A knee specialist is a doctor that spends the majority of their practice treating patients with knee pain, knee problems, and knee injuries and offers a full range of non-surgical and surgical treatment options.

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Knee pain is very common and there are several conditions that can cause knee pain. Dr. Buechel’s practice is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of knee conditions. Depending on the severity or type of condition, there may be non-operative or operative treatments available to help resolve your pain. The knee conditions that Dr. Buechel treats can be from degenerative or inflammatory arthritis, osteonecrosis, traumatic injuries, repetitive use injuries, and sports injuries.

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Some conditions can be initially treated without knee surgery but may eventually require an operation to reduce pain and return function to normal, or near normal. If knee surgery is required, Dr. Buechel is an experienced and sought-after surgeon for his expertise in partial knee replacement, total knee replacement for arthritis and osteonecrosis, and knee arthroscopy for meniscal injuries. Although surgery is not what most people want to have to go through, Dr. Buechel’s patients are highly satisfied with their results allowing them to get back to their active lifestyles.

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Medical Tourism

Many of our patients travel a significant distance to have Dr. Buechel provide their surgical knee care. Whether you live in the New York area or you are coming from the other side of the planet, we pride ourselves on taking great care of our patients. Our team is available to help you starting with your first contact and for years into the future to help you manage your knee health..

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International Robotic Instructor

Dr. Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD is an internationally renowned orthopaedic joint replacement surgeon and an expert in Mako® Robotic Partial Knee Replacement. Since 2009, Dr. Buechel has been a pioneer in the use of the Mako Robotic Partial Knee System training surgeons on the Mako platform and his techniques in the USA and internationally.

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