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Second Opinion

Dr. Frederick Buechel, Jr. MD at the Robotic Joint Center frequently provides expert second opinions for patients that have seen other orthopaedic surgeons for their knee arthritis and painful knee conditions.

As an international surgeon instructor and a pioneer in Mako Robotic Arm Assisted Partial Knee Replacement and now Mako Total Knee Replacement, Dr. Buechel helps to educate both patients and surgeons regarding who is an appropriate candidate for partial or total knee replacement. Patients seeking definitive answers to there knee treatment options come to Dr. Buechel for his professional opinion and surgical knee care.

There are two ways to proceed with a second (or first) opinion with Dr. Buechel:


Office Based Second Opinion

Dr. Buechel provides second opinions in person at the Robotic Joint Center in New York City at Park Avenue and 71st Street, reviewing your history, imaging and performing a physical exam. During this consultation he will review your previous diagnosis and recommendations and confirm or amend your diagnosis, providing you with a complete understanding of your knee treatment options, either surgical or non-surgical. All of you medical questions will be discussed and answered during your visit with Dr. Buechel, and any logistical or financial questions will be explained by our surgical coordinator.

Online & Phone Based Second Opinion

Second opinions can also be provided remotely using our online knee consultation service. This process allows patients to submit their medical history, knee history and imaging they have (or that we can order for you) which Dr. Buechel will review, and then a phone consultation will be arranged by our staff to discuss your condition and options with Dr. Buechel. This is followed by an office consultation and exam that will be arranged for you, if you decide to proceed with the recommendations you are offered during your initial phone consultation.

Why should I get a second opinion?

To understand clearly the possible treatment options you have for your painful knee condition from a knee surgeon expert who is capable of providing all the surgical options you could need including simple arthroscopy, minimally invasive partial knee replacement to a comprehensive total knee replacement. Dr. Buechel recommends non-surgical treatments in some cases when patients are truly not ready for surgery that may include various new injection therapies.

When should I get a second opinion?

We are often asked when it is appropriate for a second opinion. Most people these days when they are considering a serious medical intervention want a second opinion from an expert in the field to make sure they are doing the right thing the first time. Since Dr. Buechel is an expert in partial and total knee replacement using precision Mako robotic technology, he regularly helps patients gain a clear understand of their best options. His knowledge comes from an unparalleled experience examining patients and operating on patients around the world using the Mako Partial and Total Knee System. Most surgeons are only comfortable with manual total knee replacement and therefore will primarily recommend total knee replacement as a single surgical option. Unless you are skilled and experienced in partial knee replacement like Dr. Buechel, total knee is the most likely recommendation, even if you are really suited best for partial knee. This is why a second opinion by Dr. Buechel is so valuable for you. The feel and recovery is very different between the procedures and if partial knee is possible for you, you are the one that benefits from the experts recommendation and ultimately the precision surgery Dr. Buechel provides. Patients often get a second opinion even if they are already scheduled with another surgeon to have their procedure, to see if they are doing the right thing.

Common reasons to get a second opinion for your knee with Dr. Buechel are:

  • You are looking for an expert in the field of Partial knee replacement to do your surgery.
  • You are looking for an expert in Mako Robot Arm Assisted Partial or Total Knee replacement to perform your knee surgery
  • You are looking to see if you are actually a partial knee replacement candidates after you have been told you need a total knee replacement.
  • You are told by your doctor or another orthopedic surgeon that a specific type of treatment you desire (ie. Partial Knee Replacement) cannot be used to treat your condition
  • Your surgeon has only limited experience with Partial Knee Replacement and you are looking for an expert who has performed over a thousand Robotic Partial Knee Replacements successfully
  • Numerous possible treatment options are available and you want clarity from an expert to help make your choice
  • After consulting with your doctor or another orthopedic surgeon, you still have a number of unanswered questions
  • You are told by the doctor or orthopedic surgeon that nothing or nothing more can be done to treat your condition
  • A cause for your symptoms was not found, but the symptoms continue
  • You feel that there is something wrong with the diagnosis or suggested treatment for your condition
  • You are an Agent of an athlete or an athlete that is looking to confirm team physician assessments


Are you a candidate for the less invasive partial knee replacement?

Dr. Buechel and his team will help you to understand your options and enable you to decide if it’s worth traveling to the Robotic Joint Center for your treatment like so many others have. We will have a complete and comprehensive discussion about the surgical process, recovery time, outcomes, insurance benefits, surgical costs and travel cost. We will empower you with information to allow you to make a clear and informative decision about your knee treatment from and expert surgeon and skilled office staff.

For Agents & Athletes & Teams: Dr. Buechel and the team at the Robotic Joint Center often work with professional athletes and high-performance amateurs. Whether you are a long-time marathoner or looking to simply get back in the game our office is the resource for independent knee care.

On an insurance note: We provide full out of network insurance benefits. Our treatment coordinator will work with you and your insurance company to understand your coverage. As an out of network provider, you will receive the clinical and instructor experience that comes with that. There will be minimal to zero wait time in an extremely comfortable environment at our Park Avenue, New York City location. After working with our treatment coordinator you will have a clear understanding of the financial costs which most often are completely covered by your insurance carrier.

Whether or not you have been seen already by another surgeon, Dr. Buechel offers a telephone or phone consultation over the phone that can be started by visiting us online at or by calling us at 212-308-3089.

Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD

Meet Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD

Frederick Buechel, Jr., MD is an internationally renowned orthopedic knee surgeon, an international instructor, and an expert in the field of Robotic Partial Knee Replacement and Robotic Total Knee Replacement.

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