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Choosing Treatment Outside Your Geographical Area

Robotic Joint Center Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD Orthopaedic Surgery 737 Park Avenue

Regardless of the area of the world they live in, many patients face barriers to receiving treatment for their knee pain. A lack of primary care can leave patients without a way to diagnose chronic pain. Patients often think their knee does not hurt enough to warrant a visit to the emergency room. They may… Read More

Repairing Knee Joints with Arthroscopy

Dr. Buechel performing physical exam

Knee injury and pain are a frequent reason patients visit their doctor. Basic remedies such as rest, ice, elevation and anti-inflammatory medication may be enough for minor problems. When there is acute trauma or chronic pain, patients usually need a specialist to assess the type of knee damage and determine how to correct it. Without… Read More

Is Knee Pain Inhibiting Your Workout Routine?

Knee Pain While Exercising

More people than ever are invested in maintaining a healthy and fit body. This could be for aesthetic or image reasons in our increasingly social media-driven culture. However, for others, maintaining a healthy respiratory and circulatory system increases longevity and quality of life. While a calorie and nutrient balanced diet is necessary in maintaining an… Read More

The Four Stages of Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Dr. Buechel performing physical exam

The most common form of arthritis, osteoarthritis affects the cartilage that provides cushioning support for the joints. When this cartilage suffers wear and tear, the result is rubbing of the bones together that causes pain, inflammation and limited range of motion. There are four stages of osteoarthritis that relevant medical professionals such as physical therapists… Read More

3 Tips for Optimal Recovery After Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Dr. Buechel performing physical exam

Robotic assisted knee replacement surgery can provide healing and relief for individuals suffering from osteoarthritis and other forms of knee pain. This surgery can improve your range of motion by replacing damaged cartilage and bone with an artificial joint. There are things you can do during your recovery to ensure you achieve the best results… Read More

Is My Knee Problem a Sign of Osteoarthritis?

A person with knee pain touching the painful knee area.

Of the more than 100 different known types of arthritis, osteoarthritis is the most common. The condition results in inflammation of the joint and is usually caused by a degenerative illness, genetics, injury or natural wear and tear. When the cartilage in the knee softens, it can result in damage to the surface cartilage structure.… Read More

Advantages of Mako-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery

Stryker Mako Robotic Knee Replacement System and implants

Using Mako™ robotic assistance in partial or full knee replacement surgeries is a technological revolution. There are several clear benefits over traditional approaches that suitable candidates will enjoy. Dr. Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD is a leading orthopedic surgeon in New York who can offer superior outcomes using advanced techniques. Some of the issues with… Read More

Save Time with Online or Phone Consultation with the Robotic Joint Center

A woman with laptop during an online consultation.

Is your knee condition becoming unbearable? Sufferers of joint conditions may find it difficult to find the right surgeon in New York. Determining if you are a good candidate for knee replacement involves a medical consultation. If you struggle to attend physical appointments, there are other solutions available. The Robotic Joint Center offers two remote… Read More

Weight Gain and Knee Pain Connection

Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD

When you look at the scale and it is telling you things you do not want to hear, just know that you are in the same boat as millions of people around the world. In these unprecedented times, many individuals have put on extra pounds during the time regular routines came to a screeching halt.… Read More

Arthritis Knee Pain Can Lead to Limited Mobility

Dr. Buechel presenting pre and post-operative x-rays of his knee replacement patient.

If you are beginning to feel pain in one or both knees, do not ignore the warning signs. Persistent pain, stiffness or swelling around the knee cap may indicate one of several health conditions. Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis and infection are common causes of joint problems. Diagnosis is the first step toward achieving permanent… Read More

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