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Looking for an appointment or consultation but you’re not sure which one would be best for you?

Please read below and choose below the one that suits your needs.

In-Office Appointment

Need an in-person consultation? Dr. Buechel will examine your knee and discuss what potential problems you may have. If imaging is needed then he’ll prescribe the correct images. After imaging comes back, he’ll sit down with you again to discuss the results and any treatment options. 

Online Remote Consultation

Do you have imaging already and want a second opinion? Upload your patient history, imagining, and answer a few questions and Dr. Buechel will help you understand your options and if you’re a good candidate for Robotic Knee Replacement. He will discuss his findings in the imaging and share the benefits and disadvantages of different treatment options. 

Phone Evaluation

Not even sure if you even need a knee consultation appointment or a second opinion? Get a no-obligation phone consultation. Dr. Buechel and staff will answer questions and speak to you about your knee concerns. 

Second Opinion

Dr. Buechel provides second opinions in person at the Robotic Joint Center, reviewing your history, imaging and performing a physical exam. During this consultation he will review your previous diagnosis and recommendations and confirm or amend your diagnosis, providing you with a complete understanding of your knee treatment options, either surgical or non-surgical.

Not sure if you need an appointment?

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