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Do you suffer from knee osteoarthritis that is causing you pain and limiting your mobility? One of the innovative knee arthritis and tendonitis treatments available are ozone injections. This therapy can help reduce inflammation and pain, giving relief to patients with chronic knee pain. Dr. Frederick Buechel, Jr. MD at the Robotic Joint Center offers ozone injections for a variety of painful knee conditions including tendonitis, bursitis and arthritis.

What Are Ozone Injections?

Ozone is a gas made from three molecules of oxygen (O3) and is found in the Earth’s atmosphere. When used as a medical treatment, it can be injected into tissues or spaces. For knees, ozone injections are used to reduce inflammation and improve oxygen levels to the tissues. Ozone has antibacterial and antifungal qualities and can stimulate the immune system and oxygen levels when injected into the body.

Ozone Knee Pain Treatment

Ozone injections can be beneficial for knee pain relief in some patients. Ozone has anti-inflammatory benefits and may slow the deterioration of the knee joint, delaying the need for surgery. Ozone injection treatment for knee pain can be performed as a series over several weeks or months. Many patients experience improved knee function and less pain right away. Ozone injections are considered safe with little to no adverse side effects and no recovery time needed after the treatment.

If you are suffering with osteoarthritis or knee tendonitis or bursitis, there are treatments available to give you knee pain relief. To learn more about ozone injections for knee pain, contact our team at Robotic Joint Center to schedule a consultation with Dr. Buechel at our office in NYC. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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