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For the knee joint to function smoothly, the components need to slide and move without friction. If the knee joint has experienced an injury or deterioration that results in small pieces of cartilage or bone (loose bodies) floating inside the joint, it can result in pain and knee dysfunction. At Robotic Joint Center in NYC, we are a knee specialty medical center that offers advanced treatment of loose bodies in the knee and other painful knee conditions.

Symptoms of Loose Bodies Within the Knee

Fragments of cartilage within the knee joint can interfere with joint function. Injuries, inflammation, arthritis and other knee joint conditions can result in the formation or detachment of small pieces of cartilage or bone that float inside the knee. When this occurs, symptoms can include:

  • A catching or locking sensation during knee movement
  • Pain and swelling in the knee
  • Feeling movement within the knee
  • Increased damage to the cartilage

To restore function and relieve knee pain, the loose bodies in the knee may need to be removed. This can be performed with knee arthroscopy to access the knee joint and retrieve fragments of cartilage or bone within the joint.

Knee Arthroscopy for Loose Bodies
With knee arthroscopy, loose bodies can be carefully removed from the knee joint using small, specialized surgical instruments. Knee arthroscopy is performed through a tiny incision to insert an arthroscope into the joint with a camera and surgical tools. The small fragments of cartilage or bone can be removed using advanced digital imaging during the procedure. The knee joint is cleaned out during this minimally-invasive procedure, with quick recovery and low risk for the patient.

If you have symptoms of loose bodies in the knee, contact us at Robotic Joint Center. We can schedule a consultation with our knee specialist to discuss treatment for loose bodies in the knee at our medical center in UES New York City.

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