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Medical Tourism

The Robotic Joint Center’s Medical Tourism program provides international patients from countries around the world and our domestic patients, access to Dr. Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD, and his unparalleled experience and surgical expertise in the field of Precision Partial Knee Replacement using the Mako™ Robotic Arm Assisted Partial Knee Replacement System. Patients looking for the highest level of quality care for their knee come to see Dr. Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD for is experience, his meticulous technical skills, his ability to educate his patients on the right choices, and his patients outstanding outcomes that return them to their active lifestyles.

Many of our patients travel a significant distance to have Dr. Buechel provide their surgical knee care.  Whether you live in the New York area or you are coming from the other side of the planet, we pride ourselves on taking great care of our patients.  Our team is available to help you starting with your first contact and for years into the future to help you manage your knee health.

Robotic Joint Center Office Reception

Our Concierge Staff

Our concierge staff is highly skilled to manage the requirements of our knee patients that often travel great distances to have Dr. Buechel perform their precision knee procedures. We gladly help our patients understand all aspects of their procedure, the preparation, the follow-up, the logistics and timing of their process. We happily assist in your travel arrival and departure planning, and your families transportation and lodging while in New York for your procedure.

Why Travel To See Dr. Buechel?

Dr. Buechel is a leader and expert in the area of Mako Partial Knee Replacement and has performed more Mini-Incision, Tourniquet Free, Muscle Sparing, Outpatient partial knee replacements on patients internationally using the Mako Partial Knee System than any other surgeon. His experience of over 1,500 Mako Robotic Partial Knee Replacements is equivalent to many lifetimes of experience of the average joint replacement surgeon that performs partial knee replacement surgery. He has seen and operated on some of the most challenging partial knee replacement patients in the world and has developed a process to address all patients in a consistently, reproducible, stepwise fashion to optimize each patients outcome.

NYC Robotic Knee Surgeon Reviewing Knee Imaging
Robotic Joint Center Office Reception

Dr. Buechel Is An Expert In:

  • Listening to patients and explaining the surgical options, benefits and risks after taking a full medical history, knee history, performing a physical exam, and reviewing appropriate knee imaging
  • Computer software planning and adjustment for all the Mako Partial Knee Replacements
  • Optimizing the size, position, alignment, ligament balance and tracking of the Mako Restoris MCK Partial Knee Implants
  • The minimally invasive surgical approaches to access the parts of the knee being resurfaced
  • The safe, efficient and precise use of the robotic-arm to prepare each knee for the new surface implants customized to each individual
  • The meticulous cement application technique of adhering the knee surface implants to the robotically prepared bone surfaces
  • The cosmetic closure and wound management of each patient’s incisions using the highest quality and strength suture materials with antibacterial properties to reduce the risk of infection
  • The use of multi-modal anesthesia techniques to minimize the discomfort of the procedure allowing for rapid return to function and activity
  • The Post-operative management of the recovery process for his minimally invasive procedures and how to address any of the potential concerns that may develop over the years after the procedures.

You may speak to us to discuss your knee condition at anytime through one of our many ways of communication.

  • We have a live chat online during office hours through our website.
  • You can call directly to our office to speak with us at +1 212-308-3089.
  • Email us at:
  • Or start our online free knee consultation process and we will review your information and schedule a phone consultation with you and Dr. Buechel.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations and providing you with world class knee care.

Warm regards,

Frederick Buechel, Jr. MD and Staff

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