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Total knee replacement is a highly successful option for replacing a damaged or deteriorated knee joint. In a total knee replacement, there are implants attached to both the femur and tibia, as well as the patella implant to replace the kneecap. One rare complication that can occur after total knee replacement surgery is patella clunk syndrome, where scar tissue becomes trapped between the implant components. Robotic Joint Center offers treatment for patella clunk syndrome after total knee replacement surgery at our orthopedic clinic in NYC.

Dr. Fredrick Buechel, Jr., is a highly respected knee specialist and orthopedic surgeon who performs robotic partial and total knee replacement surgery. Dr. Buechel utilizes the most advanced medical technology to reduce risks of complications for his patients. Robotic total knee replacement offers many advantages over other types of knee replacement surgeries. However, in rare circumstances, patella clunk syndrome after total knee replacement can occur. Dr. Buechel performs knee arthroscopy to address patella clunk syndrome to reduce pain and improve knee function.

What Is Patella Clunk Syndrome?

In some cases, excess scar tissue can form after a total knee replacement and cause issues in the function of the joint implants. The scar tissue can become pinched between the femur and patella implants, causing a catching sensation when bending the knee. This complication usually presents itself about one year after the surgery. Patients may experience patellofemoral pain and popping, crunching or catching when bending the knee or a “clunk.”

Dr. Buechel is a top knee specialist who can accurately diagnose complications of total knee replacement surgery, including patella clunk syndrome. To resolve patella clunk syndrome, Dr. Buechel can perform arthroscopy to cauterize and remove excess scar tissue. This is a minimally-invasive surgery that restores function to the knee and provides pain relief.

If you are experiencing symptoms of patella clunk syndrome after total knee replacement surgery, contact us at Robotic Joint Center in UES New York City to book your appointment. We can schedule a consultation with Dr. Buechel for a diagnosis and to discuss treatment to relieve your symptoms.

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