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The articular cartilage that covers the connecting bones in the knee joint is susceptible to damage. Injuries or degenerative disease can result in tears in the cartilage, creating flaps or irregular defects in the surface of the articular cartilage. Damaged articular cartilage can result in pain and knee joint dysfunction. Our experienced knee joint specialist, Dr. Fredrick Buechel, Jr., at Robotic Joint Center, offers articular cartilage flap tear surgery in NYC to repair defects and relieve knee pain.

Healthy articular cartilage within the knee is smooth and slippery, allowing the bones to move easily within the joint. When an articular flap tear occurs, the surface is no longer smooth and disruption in movement can occur. Osteoarthritis can weaken and wear the cartilage in the knee, increasing the chance of a flap tear. Acute injuries can also result in flap tears that may result in knee pain, catching, locking and dysfunction within the knee joint. Since cartilage does not repair itself, surgical repair may be needed to improve joint function and reduce pain.

Knee Arthroscopic Flap Tear Repair

When an articular cartilage flap tear is causing pain and knee dysfunction, surgical repair may be required. Dr. Buechel performs arthroscopic knee surgery for articular cartilage flap tear debridement. This procedure involves using tiny incisions to access the interior of the knee joint with an arthroscope to trim and smooth defects in the articular cartilage. While it is impossible to restore the surface to the original condition, removing edges that are causing pain or movement restrictions can improve the knee function.

If you have a knee articular cartilage flap tear, surgery may be the best option to give you relief and improve joint mobility. To learn more, contact us at Robotic Joint Center to schedule a knee exam and consultation with Dr. Buechel.

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