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It is estimated that of the knee replacement surgeries performed in the U.S., only 10% or less are partial versus over 90% total knee replacement procedures. The majority of orthopedic surgeons that perform knee replacement surgeries focus on total knee replacement, only handling a few cases a year of partial knee replacement surgeries. Despite these statistics, there are many benefits of undergoing a partial knee replacement when it is performed by an experienced knee specialist.

Preserving Natural Joint Tissues

A total knee replacement removes many of the knee joint components and replaces them with artificial implants. While this is beneficial for many patients, the feel and structure of the joint is changed. With a partial knee replacement, only the damaged components are replaced, preserving natural tissues and bone. Patients retain a more natural function and feel to their knee than a total knee replacement can provide.

Reduce Tissue Damage, Blood Loss

Removing only part of the knee joint and replacing it is less invasive than total knee replacement. This means reduced damage and trauma to the surrounding tissues and less blood loss for the patient. Partial knee replacements can minimize complications from tissue damage that could occur in total knee replacement and there is less residual pain after the procedure.

Shorter Recovery and Rehabilitation Time

With less trauma to the tissues surrounding the knee and fewer components removed, partial knee replacement offers a quicker recovery and rehabilitation period. Most patients can expect to regain their pre-surgery mobility and activities within a few weeks and begin rehabilitation sooner. The physical therapy for partial knee replacement patients is also less aggressive than total knee procedures and obtaining optimal range of motion occurs faster. The recovery time does vary depending on the type of partial knee replacement performed and the health, age and lifestyle of the patient.

Not everyone with chronic knee arthritis or pain is a good candidate for partial knee replacement – many patients are better suited for total knee replacement. However, it is an option that should be considered if it can benefit the patient. Dr. Fredrick Buechel specializes in both partial and total robotic knee replacements. Dr. Buechel carefully evaluates each patient and their individual case to determine which treatments or surgeries are the best solution for their needs. To learn more about partial knee replacement surgery or other knee procedures, contact us at Robotic Joint Center in NYC to schedule your appointment with Dr. Buechel.

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