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Knee Pain

The knee is one of most pivotal joints in the human body. Three bones connect at this juncture, the femur in the thigh, the tibia at the shin and the patella, which sits at the kneecap. Much of your range of motion depends on the fluid function of the knee. Sitting, squatting, walking, running and jumping all rely on the optimal function of this joint.

To ensure smooth movement, the tibia and femur bone have crescent shaped layers of cartilage that reduce friction and spread weight across the joint. Holding these bones, plus the kneecap together, are a complex set of ligaments aided by a fluid-secreting membrane that provides lubrication.

Consider Ozone Injections as a Solution to Knee Pain

Given the complexity of the knee joint, and the many functions it performs, it is no surprise that pain or discomfort in that area can seriously impede your quality of life. Despite the miraculous functions of the knee, wear and tear reduces the effectiveness of the bone’s cartilage. If you have noticed pain and stiffness in the knee, or encountered grinding or cracking sensations, your cartilage may have become thinned or irregular.

While repeated strain due to sporting activities or regular heavy lifting can expedite cartilage destruction, this is a natural factor of aging, too. Surgical options do exist for treating chronic knee pain, but at the Robotic Joint Center, we recommend early non-surgical intervention. Many New Yorkers cannot take time away from their busy home or work lives to deal with the lengthy recovery period knee surgery demands, so we offer a treatment of ozone injections.

A Treatment to Suit Your Lifestyle Needs

Ozone exists naturally in the earth’s atmosphere and consists of three molecules of oxygen. When injected into an affected area, such as the knee, it can reduce inflammation and improve oxygenation of the tissue. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of ozone can stimulate the immune system to reduce inflammation and remove discomfort. Our patients report immediate relief from pain and improved mobility upon treatment.

If you are suffering from knee pain, do not wait until surgery is your only option. Contact the Robotic Joint Center today to discuss your options.

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