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A person with knee pain touching the painful knee area.

Of the more than 100 different known types of arthritis, osteoarthritis is the most common. The condition results in inflammation of the joint and is usually caused by a degenerative illness, genetics, injury or natural wear and tear.

When the cartilage in the knee softens, it can result in damage to the surface cartilage structure. The bones rely on cartilage as a cushion, which both prevents friction and helps to absorb forces. If cartilage wears away from the bone, this leads to the formation of bone spurs that create more bone structure.

This ultimately causes a buildup of synovial fluid increase for added lubrication. The additional fluid can overfill the knee compartment, which is one of the main reasons that osteoarthritis sufferers experience painful, swollen and stiff joints.

Identify Potential Osteoarthritis

There are several symptoms to look out for if you begin to experience problems with one or both knees. You may experience pain during activities, including walking, running, bending at the knees, climbing stairs or during long periods in a sedentary position.

Pain symptoms may occur in isolation or in combination with stiffness and swelling. Some osteoarthritis sufferers also report experiencing pins and needles in the affected leg, the sensation of heat around the joint or muscle spasms.

Osteoarthritis Consultation, New York City

The symptoms associated with osteoarthritis are shared by a host of other knee health conditions. As many of these conditions are degenerative in nature, seeking diagnosis and treatment early is recommended. If you live in New York City, the Robotic Joint Center is available for specialist consultation.

We offer a range of treatments including partial and full robotic knee replacement surgeries. Our team can also facilitate non-surgical options such as growth factor injections at our New York City offices. Call today to book an appointment.

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