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Construction workers spend long hours onsite, working with heavy equipment and materials. As load bearing joints, the knees absorb a large percentage of the weight and forces required in this line of work. Eventually, wear-and-tear or degenerative joint diseases can take a toll.

If you are finding walking, lifting or bending at the knees more difficult every day, there are several possible causes. One condition that can impact your mobility and result in pain is known as articular cartilage flap tear. If you have suffered a knee injury or been diagnosed with a degenerative joint disease, contact the Robotic Joint Center today.

Our surgical specialist, Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD, can provide an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment recommendations. Seeking treatment early in New York City is advisable, as most joint conditions are degenerative. Over time, you may experience symptoms that worsen and cause more impactful mobility problems.

Articular Cartilage Flap Tear

Tears in the articular cartilage result in symptoms that include pain, inflammation and limited mobility. This condition also describes flaps and other defects that affect the surface of the articular cartilage. If you work in an industry that involves activities that are strenuous on the knees, wear-and-tear or injury are the most likely causes of articular cartilage flap tear.

Along with pursuing diagnosis and treatment, Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD may recommend discussing reasonable accommodations with your employees. If particular duties are putting pressure on the affected knee joint, you may experience rapid deterioration of the articular cartilage. Your overall health and well-being is important, so turn to the Robotic Joint Center for support.

Joint Pain Consultation

A joint pain consultation can provide answers and set you on the path to relief. The knee joint is complex, and provides essential support when bearing weight and forces during everyday activities. Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD can answer all your questions and create a treatment plan at his Robotic Joint Center offices in NYC.

Call the Robotic Joint Center today if you are experiencing pain, discomfort, inflammation, mobility issues or any other symptoms that could indicate degeneration of the knee joint.

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