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An orthopedic doctor during a consultation looking at an X-ray.

Are you tired of getting nowhere with your orthopedic care? For patients who suffer from joint conditions and chronic pain, delayed results are excruciating. In the meantime, you can’t work, sporting activity is off the cards, and relationships can break down.

At the Robotic Joint Center, we believe that a direct, transparent consultation eliminates wasted time. Our team offers convenience so you can speak to a specialist on your schedule. We also provide second opinions to patients who have been left without answers.

Virtual Consultation

A virtual consultation cuts out the need to travel. If mobility is challenging, the Robotic Joint Center can accommodate consultation from the comfort of your home. We can conduct exams, review imaging results, and provide guidance on the next treatment steps.

Phone Consultation

We have created robust procedures that allow our specialists to provide a range of consultation services over the phone. This service allows patients to benefit from medical advice without traveling to our offices. In addition, coordinating healthcare through telemedicine significantly increases access to our services.

Medical Tourism

Consult with the Robotic Joint Center when you are denied access to crucial orthopedic services and treatment in your area. We welcome patients from out-of-state to our New York offices. If you cannot attend physical appointments, we can still help with virtual or phone consultations and provide second opinions based on your medical evidence.

Improved Access to Orthopedic Care

When all the consultation services that the Robotic Joint Center are combined, patients benefit from greater access to healthcare. One of the greatest barriers to seeking treatment is mobility issues. Some patients are unable to travel, which makes attending appointments impossible.

If you are facing mobility issues that are denying you access to treatment, speak to the team at the Robotic Joint Center. We are passionate about providing solutions that are effective and affordable. Our specialists will use every tool available to make your experience convenient and result in positive outcomes.

Reach out to the Robotic Joint Center to learn more about our consultation services. Our New York offices are welcoming and staffed by compassionate orthopedic specialists.

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