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Is your knee condition becoming unbearable? Sufferers of joint conditions may find it difficult to find the right surgeon in New York. Determining if you are a good candidate for knee replacement involves a medical consultation. If you struggle to attend physical appointments, there are other solutions available.

The Robotic Joint Center offers two remote consultation options. You can receive expert guidance and treatment recommendations from the comfort of your own home. Dr. Buechel offers online and over-the-phone consultation for patients suffering from chronic pain and compromised mobility.

Online Knee Replacement Consultation

An online knee replacement consultation is simple and convenient. The process begins by filling out medical history forms. You can then send digital copies of any imaging of the affected joint for Dr. Buechel to review. Current X-rays of AP Standing View, Lateral View, PA Flexion Weight-Bearing View and Skyline View of the Patella are preferable.

Phone Knee Replacement Consultation

All you need to initiate an over-the-phone consultation is a phone number or email. This information can be supplied by the Robotic Joint Center website, under the Consultation-Phone Evaluation menu. A member of Dr. Buechel’s team will then contact you to further discuss the details of your knee condition.

These services are ideally suited to out-of-town patients, those who are sheltering due to COVID-19 and patients who find it difficult to attend appointments at the Robotic Joint Center. We may recommend a follow-up appointment at our offices in some cases. However, our goal is to offer convenience whenever possible for our valued patients in New York.

To learn more about the processes involved in remote consultation, feel free to browse the information available in the Consultations section of our website. You can also call our offices if you have further questions related to treatment options.

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