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partial knee replacement implant
  • Choosing an experienced orthopaedic partial knee surgeon who knows how to determine the right patients for the procedure.
  • Dedication to a proper rehabilitation program to optimize a successful and rapid recovery

Surgeon Responsibilities

  • Optimizing the incision, meticulous handling of the soft tissues, avoid cutting muscle, cosmetic skin closure.
  • Installing the implants precisely & optimally (Robotic )
  • Optimizing implant alignment, sizing, tracking, ligament balance, bone preparation and fixation.
  • Multi-Modal Pain management during and after the procedure to minimize the discomfort

Dr. Buechel is a Partial Knee Expert

  • Dr. Buechel has Unparalleled Experience with >1,500 Mako™ Partial Knees Performed since 2009
  • Mini-Incision
  • No Tourniquet
  • No Muscle Cut
  • Outpatient Procedure
  • Less Pain, Faster Recovery
  • Keeps All Ligaments
  • Less Bone Removal
  • Cosmetic Skin Closure
  • Improves Motion with Natural Feel
  • Excellent Patient Satisfaction
  • Predictable Precision Results

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