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A person with knee pain touching the painful knee area.

As the years pass by, you may have noticed deterioration in your knee. This is not unusual, as the knees are among the most important load-bearing joints. If pain, inflammation and limited movement are linked to an existing injury or conditioning, worsening symptoms are also normal.

However, wear-and-tear can reach a point of no return. When the affected knee can no longer carry your weight or pain is too much to bear, you may need to consider a permanent solution. Robotic knee surgery, including partial or full replacement, could offer your only chance of relief.

Pain Threshold

An orthopedic surgeon will attempt to manage your pain and slow down deterioration of a joint before considering surgery. In the first instance, medications can provide relief in conjunction with physical therapy. The right exercises will also improve range of movement, providing you with better quality of life.

The type of physical therapy you will need is typically dependent on the nature and severity of joint damage. Slowing down wear-and-tear is one of the goals in this treatment method. By preserving more of the cartilage, you can avoid surgical intervention for longer.

Preserving Healthy Knee Structure

Another way to preserve healthy knee structures, such as bone and cartilage, involves a partial joint replacement. At Robotic Joint Center, we use advanced technology to guide this surgical procedure.

Unfortunately, there are scenarios where a full knee replacement is necessary. This type of procedure is only recommended where patients will not experience relief or a better quality of life through more conservative treatments. You can trust that Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD will rely on his expertise to guide any surgical recommendations.

Knee Surgery Consultation

Patients who suffer from degenerative knee conditions can seek a consultation with Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD. The Robotic Joint Center team will make sure that all your diagnostic and treatment needs are met throughout your time in New York City.

Call the offices of Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD today to book your first appointment and begin your journey toward better mobility.

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