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If you suffer from chronic knee pain from osteoarthritis or osteonecrosis, partial or full knee replacement surgery may be the solution. Dr. Fredrick Buechel, Jr. at Robotic Joint Center is one of the country’s best knee specialists and orthopedic surgeons. Dr. Buechel is also a full and partial knee replacement surgeon that accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance at our surgical facility in NYC.

The latest advancements in partial and full knee replacement procedures are available at our state-of-the-art facility at Robotic Joint Center. Dr. Buechel is a Mako® Robotic Partial Knee Replacement specialist – he is world-renowned for his expertise and experience performing these advanced orthopedic procedures. For anyone considering knee replacement surgery, you will not find a better-qualified surgeon, and he also accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

Robotic Joint Center accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield as an out-of-network provider, which allows us to give our patients the time and care they deserve. As an in-network provider, we would be unable to provide the same level of care due to the restricted pay schedule. If you have a Blue Cross Blue Shield policy with out-of-network coverage for medical specialists, you can choose Dr. Buechel for your knee replacement procedure.

Insurance Coverage for Knee Replacement Surgery

Cost is always a consideration when planning a major medical procedure. At Robotic Joint Center, our team is here to help you prepare and plan for every aspect of your partial or full knee replacement surgery, including financial concerns. We can check your insurance coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield to determine what will be covered and any patient-paid portions. Coverage varies from partial to complete, depending on your policy. Our staff is experienced at working with many different types of insurance. We can ensure that you know exactly what your policy will cover to eliminate any billing surprises.

When it comes to choosing a knee replacement surgeon, you want one of the top knee specialists to perform your procedure. Dr. Buechel is at the top of his field and accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield for full and partial knee replacement procedures. Contact us at Robotic Joint Center to schedule a knee replacement consultation and ask about your insurance coverage.

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