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Advanced options in knee replacement procedures are available at Robotic Joint Center in NYC, and we are happy to accept Cigna Insurance at our facility. If you are considering knee replacement surgery, you want a top orthopedic surgeon to perform your procedure. Dr. Fredrick Buechel, Jr. is a world-class knee specialist and a full and partial knee replacement surgeon that accepts Cigna Insurance.

Robotics have changed the success rate and long-term outcomes of knee replacement surgery. Dr. Buechel is a pioneer in the robotic knee replacement field, performing these advanced procedures since 2009. When choosing a surgeon for your knee replacement procedure, you want one of the best in the field to perform your surgery. If you have Cigna Insurance, you have the option of choosing Dr. Buechel for your knee replacement surgery, one of the top knee specialists in the country.

Cigna Insurance Coverage for Knee Replacements

Robotic Joint Center accepts Cigna Insurance as an out-of-network provider. Dr. Buechel is dedicated to providing superior medical care to every patient seeking knee replacement surgery, which is only possible by accepting out-of-network patients. The good news is that if your Cigna Insurance policy provides out-of-network benefits, you may have access to a world-renowned knee surgeon to perform your procedure at our state-of-the-art medical center in New York City.

At Robotic Joint Center, we work with patients to prepare for every step of their knee replacement procedure. This starts by checking their insurance coverage and discussing the out-of-pocket cost and other considerations. If you have Cigna Insurance and want to begin the process of planning your knee replacement procedure, contact our office. We accept Cigna Insurance as an out-of-network provider and will happily assist you in determining your coverage.

When you are ready to take your life and mobility back with full or partial knee replacement surgery, choose the best knee specialist in NYC. Contact us at Robotic Joint Center to discuss your Cigna Insurance coverage and to schedule a knee replacement consultation with Dr. Fredrick Buechel, Jr.

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