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Scheduling Procedures
with Dr. Buechel

Scheduling, accommodations, transportation and lodging can all be arranged for patients and their family members. Please provide your contact information below for the appropriate region, and we would be happy to help arrange a virtual consultation with Dr. Buechel to see if your a candidate for a Robotic Joint Replacement Procedure at a Center near you.

Provide Your Knee Information for
a Complimentary Case Review

You can either follow steps 1 through 3 below to download the forms and send them via email ; or click the “submit now” button and go through our digital case review process to submit electronically.

1. Complete Knee & Medical Forms

Complete Forms:
1.Medical Form
2.Knee History Form

2. Obtain Recent Knee X-rays

Send Knee X-Ray Images
4 X-rays Requested, If Available:
1. Standing AP View
2. Standing PA 45º Flexion View
3. Lateral View
4. Sunrise View

JPG images are easiest to send.
(A photo from a personal phone of X-rays can be used to start review)

3. Electronically Send to Dr. Buechel for Review

Submit your information online or send them to:
Please write in Subject Line: “Knee Case Review”

Complimentary Knee Case Review

Submit your information online for a free medical review and phone/web consultation and send them to Dr. Buechel for Review.

Robotic Joint Center Locations

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Taiwan Office

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