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Surgeon Training & Education

Dr. Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD is an internationally renowned orthopaedic joint replacement surgeon and an expert in Mako® Robotic Partial Knee Replacement. Since 2009, Dr. Buechel has been a pioneer in the use of the Mako Robotic Partial Knee System training surgeons on the Mako platform and his techniques in the USA and internationally.

Dr. Buechel founded “The Robotic Joint Replacement Center” in Naples, Florida in 2010 as a Destination Center for Robotic Partial Knee Replacement patients. As Dr. Buechel was the largest user in the country for Mako Partial Knee Replacement, the Center became a national training site for surgeons, which evolved into an international training and observation site in 2012. Dr. Buechel then developed, with Mako Surgical Corp., the first Advanced Robotic training program for Advanced Mako® robotic knee surgery techniques.

As part of the training program, Dr. Buechel hosted surgeons weekly from throughout the USA and internationally in his operating room to observe Mako Robotic Knee surgery. A “Virtual Site Visit” (VSV) program was co-developed by Dr. Buechel and Mako Surgical Corp. using live streaming interactive video feeds to observe surgery. This program which initially involved Sony, evolved into the current “In-Touch” VSV program still used in the USA and internationally. The 1st International use of the Virtual Surgery Observation in Asia was performed in Taiwan with Dr. Buechel and Dr. Hsu at China Medical University operating and sharing this procedure with surgeons in India.

In 2012, after hosting the first surgeons from Asia in Naples, Florida, Dr. Buechel began traveling internationally launching the international Mako Robotics surgical programs. Those programs Dr. Buechel started in Hong Kong with Dr. Wu and Dr. Tang, in Thailand with Dr. Ratanachai and Dr. Keerati, and in Singapore with Dr. Wang. Dr. Buechel has had the fortune to operate with some of the great surgeons around the world and transfer his knowledge of the Mako Robotic knee and hip systems to these surgeons, while enhancing his own skills from techniques learned around the world. Countries Dr. Buechel has supported in their program launches include Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Vietnam and Australia.

Dr. Buechel focused 2015-2016 on international Mako™ Robotic education in Asia and Australia, as well as starting the Robotic Joint Center™ in New York and San Francisco. Dr. Buechel feels that it is important to help educate surgeons properly with this advanced technology, so that patients around the world can benefit from his vast experience through the hands of the surgeons he has helped train.

In 2016, Dr. Buechel and Dr. Kenyoh Chen launched what is now the largest volume Mako™ Robotic Knee and Hip center in Asia in Taipei, Taiwan at Taipei Postal Hospital. Dr. Buechel currently operates at the “Robotic Joint Center” locations in New York and Taiwan. Patients that want their minimally invasive, outpatient Robotic Partial Knee Replacement surgery or Mako™ Total Knee replacement surgery performed by Dr. Buechel can be treated in New York City or Taiwan.

Dr. Buechel continues to provide educational and robotic developmental consulting services for Stryker Orthopaedic company who now owns and manufactures the Mako Robotic Systems for the Knee and Hip.

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