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Knee Pain New York NYMany biological components can be replaced with synthetic versions, but the natural components are almost always the best option for function. It is usually best to repair and preserve a tooth versus replacing it with an implant, and the same is true for your joints. While Dr. Buechel and our team at Robotic Joint Center specialize in joint replacement procedures, we also understand the value of preserving and extending the life of the natural joint whenever possible. Here are a few of the knee joint preservation treatment options we offer at our orthopedic clinic in NYC.

Knee PRP and Growth Factor Injections

Unlike other tissues in the body, cartilage does not easily repair on its own. There is limited blood supply to the cartilage in the knee joints and the growth factors that stimulate healing are in short supply. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, injections contain high levels of growth factors that foster tissue healing and reduced inflammation. We offer both PRP and growth factor injections that can help repair cartilage and slow the progression of joint damage. This can preserve the joint and delay the need for joint replacement.

Osteochondral Allograft Transplant Surgery

Damage to the cartilage can result in poor knee joint function and pain. When an injury or disease results in an area of cartilage loss that impedes joint function, one option is a cartilage transplant. Donor cartilage can be surgically implanted to replace a portion of lost cartilage within the knee joint to improve function and reduce wear on the bone to extend the life of the joint.

Micro-Fracturing for Cartilage Repair

Another option for stimulating cartilage repair is a surgical technique called micro-fracturing. This method can be performed through knee arthroscopy, a minimally-invasive surgery, to create small fractures in the bone to stimulate cartilage repair. Tiny holes are drilled into the surface of the bone to increase blood supply and stem cells to the surface to encourage cartilage growth.

In many cases, joint preservation treatments can be used to extend the lifespan of the natural knee joint. Even a partial knee replacement can preserve most of the natural joint for better range of motion and performance than a total knee replacement. Dr. Buechel and our orthopedic team at Robotic Joint Center can help you find the best medical treatment to improve the function of your knee joints. To learn more about our knee joint preservation treatments, contact us at our medical clinic in UES New York City.