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Knee replacement surgery is a highly successful procedure to replace damaged knee joint components. However, there is always a risk of failure of an implanted device, regardless of the success rate. There are a variety of reasons that a partial or total knee replacement procedure may eventually fail or need revision. At Robotic Joint Center, we offer revision knee replacement surgery for patients with failed knee implants at our medical center in NYC.

Dr. Fredrick Buechel, Jr., is one of the top knee specialists in the country with international respect from colleagues in his field. He has performed thousands of knee replacement surgeries with a very high success rate. Not only does he perform robotic total knee replacements, the most common replacement option, but Dr. Buechel also performs a high number of robotic partial knee replacements. If you need a revision knee replacement, you can trust Dr. Buechel’s expertise for the best results.

When is a Revision Knee Surgery Needed?

Many partial and total knee replacements last for decades, usually until the end of a person’s life. While it is the goal to have only one knee replacement surgery, complications can occur. Some of the reasons a person may need a revision knee replacement surgery include:

  • Loosening of implant components
  • Infection
  • Fractures in the knee joint
  • Ligament instability
  • Stiffness

Revision knee replacement surgery is more complicated than the initial surgery. The existing components need to be removed, and there may be additional repairs to bones, ligaments or other structures that are needed before a new implant can be inserted. Dr. Buechel has the expertise and experience needed to perform these difficult revision knee replacements to achieve the desired results for his patients.

If you are experiencing complications after a knee replacement surgery, you may be a candidate for revision knee replacement. To discuss your options, contact us at Robotic Joint Center in New York City. We can schedule a consultation with Dr. Buechel at our medical center on the UES to explore orthopedic knee surgery to replace your knee implant.

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