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My name is Georgina and I live in Long Island New York City. I was experiencing arthritis for six years, mild, only one knee, and after three years, for two years lately, I had both knees with a big difference on one knee. Pain was coming and going but lately for 4 months, 24 hours a day I had the pain. Especially walking, it affected me 100%. I couldn’t walk.

I learned about Dr. Buechel from Greece. In Greece we have a good hospital, very, very good hospital with good doctors, metropolitan. So, I looked there and I found that he was the teacher to the other doctors from Greece, and I found out in New York City where he is to visit him. The first thing that I was looked at the doctor when I stepped in his office was his personality, how he was explaining the surgery, so I found right away that I was in good hands. When the doctor asked me, “When do you want it, when you plan to have the surgery?” I said, “How about tomorrow, doctor?” I was so comfortable.

After two days, I had the surgery after seeing the doctor for first time, and I was so happy to have the surgery so fast. I didn’t scare at all, I never thought of anything to go wrong, it was the surgery. There was no reason for me to have only one knee and to come again later. I was very, very comfortable. Partial knee replacement on both of my knees. I stayed only one night because the operation was late of the day, so I stayed in the hospital that night to be comfortable, actually. And I left the next day.

Everything was so smooth and nice. No pain at all in the hospital. Even when I went home, no pain for two weeks with the medication which I was taking of course, right? But everything went smooth, nice, and here I am after three and a half weeks happy, happy, very happy. I know how it is to have arthritis, even one knee, two knees, makes no big difference with pain, okay, go for it. Go. It worth. I was suffering and now after the surgery I feel like, “Wow, I solved all of my problems!”

Frederick F. Buechel, Jr. MD

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Frederick Buechel, Jr., MD is an internationally renowned orthopedic knee surgeon, an international instructor, and an expert in the field of Robotic Partial Knee Replacement and Robotic Total Knee Replacement.

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