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Knee replacement surgery may be your best option when your knee function has dissipated due to degenerative disease or other conditions. While most individuals prefer to avoid knee surgery, retaining mobility is essential for quality of life. At Robotic Joint Center, our founder Dr. Fredrick Buechel, Jr., is one of the top knee orthopedic surgeons in the country. Dr. Buechel is also a full and partial knee replacement surgeon that accepts United Healthcare Insurance in NYC.

Full or partial knee replacement procedures have the potential to elevate your mobility and reduce your knee pain. Finding the best surgeon to perform your surgery plays a significant role in the success of your procedure. Dr. Buechel has earned an excellent reputation for his expertise in Mako® Robotic Partial and Full Knee Replacement procedures. He has been a pioneer in the robotic knee replacement industry, performing these surgeries with a high success rate for patients worldwide.

Insurance Coverage for Knee Replacement Procedures

When choosing an orthopedic surgeon for your knee replacement procedure, it is understandable to consider whether or not they accept your insurance plan. At Robotic Joint Center, we accept United Healthcare insurance as an out-of-network provider, which can cover a significant portion of your procedure. The amount of coverage and out-of-pocket expense depends on your United Healthcare policy. While we are not an in-network provider, many policies offer excellent coverage for out-of-network knee replacement procedures.

Dr. Buechel and our team at Robotic Joint Center are dedicated to providing premium medical care to our patients. We spend the time before and after knee replacement procedures to ensure each patient receives individualized care to obtain the best outcomes. This includes working with patients to determine their insurance coverage and financial obligations.

If you are considering partial or full knee replacement surgery, you want a top knee specialist to perform your procedure. Contact our team at Robotic Joint Center in NYC to learn more about your coverage through United Healthcare insurance. We can check your benefits and discuss if there will be a patient responsibility portion for your surgery.

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